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Partner Relations Director

Smartbox, Dublin

We commissioned Guillaume empower our teams to better support our accommodation across Europe. Guillaume was easy to work with, bringing his years of expertise to helping us frame our main challenges and ways to formulate relevant solutions. He was flexible, adjusting to the challenges of Covid Confinement, to deliver the training remotely. His approach to constant improvement meant he actioned feedback and input at the end of each session to ensure the next group received an even better experience.



General Manager

Fraser Suites Harmonie, Paris

GF Travel Consulting is a valuable, dynamic and professional partner. Its support in our commercial development, distribution and Internet visibility has enabled us to significantly increase the turnover of our properties immediately after the health crisis. Its analysis and strategy helps us to optimise our performance every day.

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Directice Générale

Optimum Events, Paris

I called on GF Travel Consulting as early as 2019 to advise me on my company's development strategy and performance optimisation. Since then, we have put in place an effective action plan and a roadmap that we are constantly re-evaluating to adapt to market conditions. We have already achieved significant results.

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General Manager

Fraser Suites Harmonie, Paris

We appointed GF Travel consulting to raise awareness and train the reception teams on various crucial points that will have a positive and long-term impact on the hotel's profitability. They proposed a format and content that perfectly met our needs. The feedback from the teams was extremely positive. A few weeks later, we have already measured an increase in the number of direct bookings and a proportional decrease in commissions payable. Finally, we improved our satisfaction indicator by 1.5 points.

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